About Us

Bretti is a new creation of beauty brand design for new generation of women, integrating a professional team with 30 years of experience in skin care products, with a clean, natural, gentle, safe and purely efficient core to develop a full range of high quality skin care products that meet the needs of modern women.

Bretti is committed to streamlining the skincare process, product function and packaging marketing, simplifying the process, focusing resources on improving ingredients and giving back to our customers, creating high-quality products at a price that makes every women easy to get into the skin care field, enjoy the fun of the skincare process, and then bravely pursue the beauty of self and create the ultimate skin care experience.

Bretti is the most gentle backing of the concept of “be brave, be pretty”, letting you bloom confidently and bravely be yourself to present the most beautiful of you in every moment.


Bretti 沛麗蒂是專屬現代女性的新創品牌,整合擁有30 年護膚產品經驗的專業團隊,秉持潔淨天然,溫和安全和單純高效的核心,開發符合現代女性需求的全方位高品質護膚產品。

Bretti 致力於簡化護膚流程,產品功能及包裝行銷,化繁為簡,把資源專注於提升成分和回饋給消費者,打造價格親民的高品質產品,讓身為現代女性的你可以輕鬆入門護膚領域,享受護膚過程的樂趣,進而勇敢追求展現自我的美麗,打造極致的護膚體驗

以 “be brave, be pretty” 為理念的Bretti 是你最溫柔的後盾,讓你綻放自信,勇敢做自己,展現最美的每一刻。

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